I Have a New Girlfriend

Of course I have known the girl for a very long time, since we were kids. Her family moved in across the street from me before I was old enough to be interested in girls. We used to play football in the streets and she became pretty good at that and all sorts of other athletic stuff. Now she has become a really beautiful young woman and people keep telling her that she should be a model. That is a lot more of a pain than I would have thought. Right now aesthetic doctors in Singapore keep telling her how they can make her perfect and this is something that she picked up from hanging out with other models. Obviously you do not think about that, but all of the girls you see in photos and advertisements have perfect smiles with perfect white teeth. They all try to have perfect faces and perfect bodies, even though they start out really beautiful that is not quite good enough when you are competing with thousands of other pretty faces with nice bodies.

In fact the entire thing is a little bit insane when you think about it and all the more so when you are exposed to these girls and realize how far they are willing to go to get what they want. That is not necessarily a bad thing, except in this case it is quite strange. Linda has been getting work though, modeling athletic gear that women use to do yoga and pilates in. I have been going with her, apparently to protect her from other guys. That is strange too, but I am too busy to do this all of the time. It does make me nervous, since obviously when you have a really hot girl you know that other guys are going to chase her.